Brooke Campbell

Visual Designer

I'm just your model Sagittarius.

Friendly, energetic, honest, open, sincere, and full of joie de vivre. Not only do I take a moment to pause and think about the big picture — but I also value the here and now by being easily adaptable. Recently I have pivoted into a digital design role, however my formal education and the majority of my professional experience is in graphic design.

Creativity and discipline.

In order to be consistently creative, you need a framework to operate in. Systems are very important in design and project management because it always produces a road map for moving forward. In order for me to elevate my client's brand, I need data in order to establish a direction. My curiosity and drive to know WHY something works is what compels me to produce the best possible products.

If I don’t know the answer—me, myself and I— will find the answer.

What makes me unique is my willingness to implement what I have learned. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside other talented designers and business-owners and I value the knowledge they have bestowed upon me. One: that you have to create more than you consume.

Plants and pour-overs

When I’m not watering my plants or writing about my day, I’m gearing up to squat, press and deadlift at the gym. I'm passionate about health and fitness and consider myself an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy binge-listening to a good podcast, painting, and brewing the perfect cup of pour-over coffee.

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