Scientifically-Based Nutrition and Habit Change.

Client / UC Davis Integrative Medicine / 2018


Bite-Sized is a membership program that offers in-depth education on habit change and plant-based nutrition, hands-on mentorship from a world-renowned plant-based living expert AND a supportive community to lean on as you implement all of the life-changing principles you learn each month.

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Details about the project

The UC Davis Integrative Medicine Director wanted to expand her rapidly growing plant-based nutrition program from an online community and establish a central membership platform. Prior to launching the membership program, the team conducted a week-long Design Sprint to gather valuable insight from her target audience. This research was instrumental for moving forward with branding the program. User interviews offered valuable insight to implement into the user journey journey and features for the site.

  • Branding

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  • Web/Digital Design

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  • User Research

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